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South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Courses

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, Cash, and Checks.  The $25 deposit required to reserve your seat in a class is done at our registration site with your major credit card or Paypal.  If you wish to pay with Cash or a check please call us at 843-446-1779.

Notice: All Range activities are conducted approximately 10 minutes from the intersection of Hwy 31 and Hwy 9. 

No matter what your training needs are, Home DefenseAdvanced TrainingPersonal Trainingwe have the class for you! Choose Shooting Solutions concealed weapons permit for your CWP class today!

6/30/18 - Saturday        9am to 5pm     South Carolina CWP Course (Hwy 9)

​6/30/18 - Saturday        5pm to 6pm     Utah Non-Res CWP Course (Hwy 9)

7/14/18 - Saturday        9am to 5pm     South Carolina CWP Course (Hwy 9)

​7/14/18 - Saturday        5pm to 6pm     Utah CFP Course (Hwy 9)

What you need to know about getting

your permit.

​Our South Carolina CWP Course includes the class, range, the use of our gun and ammo, fingerprinting, and the picture required to be submitted to SLED. You leave with a the packet ready to send to SLED.  However, you should look at some of the links below that will help you obtain your Concealed Weapons Permit and be knowledgeable about carrying lawfully.

Concealed Weapons Permit Course - 7 hours

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The South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Course qualifies you to obtain your SC CWP and meet the minimum training requirements of the South Carolina law pertaining to carrying a Concealed Weapon.  The difference between our basic course and some of the others you will find is that we ensure that you are comfortable with your abilities before sending you on your way.  This course is a great place to start for new shooters as it covers the basic of handgun shooting and safety.  Also, our course INCLUDES fingerprinting on site, lunch, and the use of our gun and ammo at no extra charge!  No renting a gun, buying ammo, or going to your local law enforcement facility to be fingerprinted!  All extra costs!

We cover the content

required by the State of

South Carolina to obtain

your concealed weapons

permit.  The SC CWP 

course is about 7 hours

long and includes

classroom instruction

and a portion on the range. You will participate in a live fire range exercise in which you will become more confident in your abilities to hit a target at ranges from 3 yards to 15 yards. The shooting portion is a standard course of fire outlined by SLED and is 50 rounds and can be found here.  Upon successful completion of the range firing, you will have met all the requirements for the training required to obtain your South Carolina concealed weapons permit. 
You are encouraged to bring the firearm you wish to carry to the class, but if you have not yet obtained one, you may use our firearms to become familiar with the makes and models often used. This will allow you to make better decisions on what handgun will best fit your physical size and method of carry for your CWP.  You will need to bring 50 rounds of ammunition for your weapon if are going to shoot it for the course of fire, and if you desire to use one of our guns we will have the appropriate ammunition for the gun.
We will perform the administrative tasks of completing your fingerprint card and assist you in filling out the application forms to be submitted to SLED to obtain your SC CWP.  Additionally we will take care of printing the required picture you will need to submit with your application to SLED along with making the copy of your drivers license.

Class Cost - $100

You will be required to submit all the documents required to SLED after the completion of this class with the $50 fee to obtain your South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit.

We make it easy for our students to stay on top of the ever changing firearms and concealed carry laws and reciprocity changes.  All Shooting Solutions Students are part of a Legal Update that will notify you if the law changes. Check out our Student Resources Page for more information.

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Legal Update and qualification - ($50- 4 hours)
This course is for someone that has had their CWP for some time and is looking to ensure that they are up to date on the laws related to concealed carry and self defense.  This course includes the updated legals portion related to your South Carolina CWP, and gives you the opportunity to go to the range and shoot the qualification course again (not scored or required).  This class is essential if you've had your permit over 2 years, as the laws change frequently and you NEED to understand what you're legally obligated and allowed to do carrying concealed. 

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Now Renew Your CWP Online With SLED by Clicking Here!  You must complete this within 90 days before permit expiration and 60 days after expiration.  The fee is $50 and payment can be made online with a credit card.