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With law enforcement and military backgrounds we are able to teach from a practical, professional, tactical, and realistic perspective.  We love what we do and it shows in our classes! Wil is certified to teach the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit class and Brian and Wil are certified to teach the Utah non-resident CWP class.  We are your personal firearms consultants.  Taking a class from Shooting Solutions makes you part of our "training family" and we are here for anything you have questions about related to firearms, home defense, and your training, day or night.  If you are looking for experienced professionals to guide you through your Concealed Weapons Permit training and beyond you have found the right combination with Shooting Solutions.

Shooting Solutions LLC is locally owned and operated by Brian Truex and Wil Kitelinger.  We have over 40 years of combined firearms and training experience, and we are able to provide you with a professional and technical training experience.  At Shooting Solutions we are vested in your training because that is solely what we do!  We also go the extra mile in trying to help protect you civilly in the event something happens through training jackets, providing you the ability to submit training to your file on the Student page, and keeping you updated on changes in the law.

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Wil is a 15 year combat veteran of the Marine Corps who had intensive training in firearms instruction. He coordinated the  instruction of over 300 Navy personnel (many of which were women).  This allowed him to develop successful teaching practices that were utilized to train people unfamiliar with firearms.  Wil is currently a police officer assigned as a Violent Crimes Detective with 15 years on the job.  He also worked local, state, and Federal narcotics investigations in an undercover capacity.  This allows Wil to have a specific knowledge of criminal trends in our area and the difficulties associated with carrying a concealed weapon on a daily basis.  Wil is a NRA certified pistol and home defense instructor and instructs all of the SC CWP courses for Shooting Solutions.

Brian is currently a Police Officer with 15 years on the job.  Brian was previously assigned as a supervisor of a specialized police unit dealing specifically with street level crimes in a plain clothes undercover capacity. He is an NRA Firearms instructor and police pistol and rifle instructor. Brian is currently a member of the SWAT Team with specific training in room clearing, less than lethal munitions and techniques, advanced firearms tactics, and CQB.  Brian is a Police Patrol Rifle and Pistol Instructor and trains local Law Enforcement Officers regularly.  Brian instructs the Utah Non-resident course, and the Advanced training courses