Shooting Solutions


The Basic AR-15 Course will teach you the how-to's of your AR platform rifle.  We will cover the nomenclature, disassembly, reassembly, cleaning, sighting, firing, and basic tactics for home defense of the AR-15 rifle.  The class is 4 hours and begins with the basics of your rifle inside and out, ammunition, accessories (lights, optics, lasers, etc), how to properly clean your gun, and how to sight your rifle.  We will then sight your weapon and "zero" it at the 25 yard line and cover some basic home defense shooting techniques with the AR-15.  
Cost- $100
What you will need to bring:
   - Your AR -15 rifle
   - At least 50 rounds
   - Hearing and eye protection
   - Something to lay on (firing from the prone position)
   - Your cleaning kit (and an old toothbrush)
   - (if you have some) Binoculars

​Basic AR-15 Course