Shooting Solutions


South Carolina CWPUtah CFPAdvanced Carry Course
PrerequisitesNoneNoneSCCWP course or similar course

21 to submit packet

18 to take the course

Requirements7 Hour Course4 Hour Course8 Hour Course

$50 application fee to SLED via money order or certified check$49 application fee to Utah BCI via personal check or credit cardBring a Concealed carry gun and holster

50 Question Test/ 50 round Qualification Course

10-rounds - 3 yard line

10-rounds - 5 yard line

10-rounds - 7 yard line

10-rounds - 10 yard line

5-rounds - 12 yard line

5-rounds - 15 yard line

No Shooting/No Test150 Rounds of Ammunition
Restrictions:Able to Legally Possess a FirearmAble to Legally Possess a Firearm
Able to Legally Possess a Firearm

No Felony of CDV Convictions No Felony of CDV Convictions 
No Felony of CDV Convictions 

Resident of SC or own Real Property in SCNo Residency RequirementN/A

Complete 8 hour Handgun Training CourseComplete 4 hour Handgun Training Course

Packet Must Be Submitted within 3 years of class attendancePacket Must Be Submitted within 1 year of class attendance

No alcohol convictions within the past yearN/A

You must possess a CWP 
from your home State if 
you reside in: Alabama, Alaska, 
Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, 
Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, 
Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan,Minnesota, 
Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, 
New Hampshire, North Carolina, 
North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, 
Pennsylvania, South Dakota, 
Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington State, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Laws Related to Permits:SC State LawsUtah LawsN/A